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“Eating, when we do it consciously, feels as serious, and even sacramental, as if our lives depended on it – which happens to be the case.” -- Peter Schjeldahl, Art Critic.

Eating and other rituals surrounding food are context of this work. We eat our meals in various states of awareness of the act and significance. I find myself looking with curiosity at the space, time, and manner in which we eat, prepare, and acquire our meals. My original perception of these moments is often interrupted or distracted. I return to them with the attempt to create a curious space where questions form.

Food packaging has become an occupying image that serves as both metaphor and formal inspiration. Simple objects that unfold, contain, separate, codify, or connect may signify the invisible structures that form our daily lives. By re-contextualizing the familiar, these images aim to attract and provoke questions about contemporary food science, consumerism, and the mundane act of eating.